Creole Seasoning Tony Chachere´s 227 g.


world-famous Original Creole seasoning is an extraodinary blend of flavorful spices prized by cooks everwhere.

you owe it to yorself to experience how much it actualy enhances the flavor of meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, eggs, soups, stews and salads, even barbecue and frensh fries.

There is no finer seasoning. Use it anytime or anywhere on any type of food.

Ingredients: salt, red pepper, black pepper, chili powder (chili pepper, spices, salt, garlic), garlic, silicon dioxide: E551.


Nutritional values per. 100 g.

Energy 239/57 KJ/Kcal
Fat 1,93 g
Fat of which saturated 0,4 g
Carbohydrate 11,59 g
Carbohydrate of which sugars 1,78 g
Protein 2,36 g
Salt 78,1 g
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