Model: SPK-1667

Guarantee for optimal effect! We have the original one. It is pure magic dust for your baked goods. Bake enzymes make the bakery light and airy, and it stays fresh for many days.

After baking, there are no enzymes left in the bakery, as they are 100% dissolved at 55 degrees.

Dosage: 1.0 - 2.0% of the amount of flour. (ie only about 15 grams per kilo of flour.)

Model: SPK-3007

roasted malt flour suitable for rye bread, buns and baking

Model: SK-1607

liquid rye bread malt for home baked rye bread.

Model: SPK-1664

Used to acid rye bread with. Gives a good cut firm curved and sour rounded bread flavor. Add 3-6% of the flour. The more rye flour and kernels the higher the dose of rye bread sourdough .

Model: SPK-1665

Wheat loaf can be used for many different types of bread. Improve bread flavor and durability. Provides stable and greaseproof curvature. Add 1-4% of the flour.

Model: SPK-1666

Guargum is a great remedy when baking gluten-free. With Guargum you get the same binder as you get from gluten.

Guar gum is the milled seed white from guar beans which is a legume plant. Guar Gum is used primarily as an emulsifier and thickener in many foods. It is neutral in smell and taste and can be used to bind ingredients.

The product is also called guar gum, guar gum and guar gum.


Model: spk-1673

roasted malt flour suitable for buns and baking

Model: X-2105-8466

From Wilton. Great for single-size dessert cakes, frozen bread dough ...

You save: 60,00
Model: IBI-764838


Bread bag. Provides a dark moisture-free environment to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mould. Includes a drawstring top for hanging.Keep bread fresh for longer. Made of polyester.

38 x 27,5 cm.

Model: X-2105-949
Recipe Right® is constructed of heavy-gauge steel that provides ...
Model: GU-88030EE

An extraordinarily extensive range, Gardenia offers customers a thousand ways to use their imagination. Made of Hi-Top steel with one coat of DuPont Teflon® Prima, Gardenia ensures the perfect non-sticking results. The excellent thermal conductivity of the steel ensures rapid and even cooking of sweet and savoury recipes. The non-stick DuPont Teflon® Prima coating, specially studied for bakeware, makes it easy to remove the cake or pastry and guarantees a totally clean pan after use.

Model: IBI-824804

38 x 33 cm.

Model: 2105-951
From Wilton. Recipe Right® is constructed of heavy-gauge steel that provides an even-heating ...