Model: MINCS

30 cm. i dia.

med låsefunktion, så pladen ikke kun kan dreje rundt.

drejeskiven har en højde på ca. 8 cm.

et uundværligt værktøj til kagedekoration.

Model: MINAN-760045A

Fits all tips and couplers. Just use, then toss!

Model: Minan-710124

is in stainless steel.

2,5 l.

Model: SW6012

clear cellophane in 10 x 10 cm. for caramels, bonbons, liqurice etc. food safe


Thermo Choc, from the EasyChoc range, is a silicon mould complete with thermometer for the monitoring of the temperature (0°C/30°F to 160°C/320°F) of melted chocolate, cream, sauces, jams, syrups and italian meringues. Dimensions: 295 x 55 mm

Model: MINAN-760030B

Fits all tips and couplers. Just use, then toss!

Model: SW6005

Can be used for baking, icecream and more


Model: GHI-3531

Flexible Plastic

Length: 14cm and 11cm scrapers

Made of flexible plastic to decorate and rub-off. To complete the cake finishing with cream, whipped cream, meringue. Also useful to amalgamate the cake in the tins and to collect excess of creamy preparations from bowls or pots. Designed by The Master Chef Iginio Massari

Model: 22.341.87.0065

The kit contains a 4-cavity mold so that 4 delicious ice creams can be made at once, 50 ice cream sticks and a recipe booklet

Size: 38 x 18 mm

Volume: 37 ml.

Model: 70.626.87.0065

silicone mat to bake with and make hard candy

Model: SW6007

Handsker til bolsjefremstilling

Model: SK-7331

685 ml. for baking, icecream and more

Model: 25.321.87.0065

Every item is made up of two silicone moulds with 2 cavities each, 50 wodden sticks and a recipe booklet with 6 recipe for preparing ice creams without using the ice cream machine.
Size:93 x 48 h 25 mm
Volume: 180 ml

it is suitable for oven, refrigerator and blast chiller too and can resist to temperature ranges between -60°C (-76°F) and +230°C (+446°F).

Model: 99.400.99.0002

Set 100 beech wood sticks Size:114 x 9,8 h 2,1 mm