Model: MINCS

30 cm. i dia.

med låsefunktion, så pladen ikke kun kan dreje rundt.

drejeskiven har en højde på ca. 8 cm.

et uundværligt værktøj til kagedekoration.

Model: SW6012

clear cellophane in 10 x 10 cm. for caramels, bonbons, liqurice etc. food safe

Model: MINAN-760030

Fits all tips and couplers. Just use, then toss!


Perfect for both right hand and left hand bakers! Great for lifting large and heavy cakes. Non-slip handle, durable, easy to clean stainless steel blade. Fine Chisel edge gets under cakes without damage. Dishwasher safe. 28 x 33cm.

Model: 1907-1200

Essential tool for shaping and smoothing rolled fondant on your cake. Works great on top, edges and sides! Shapes fondant to sides of cake so that no puffed areas appear. Trim off excess with a sharp knife. Size: 15,5 x 8 cm.

Model: 73.435.99.0001

Steel spatulas, perfect to cover with cream, chocolate or royal icing your cakes.
20 cm


dej skraber med plastik håndtag

Model: GAD-401193
Model: 409-2556

For precise measuring, rolling and cutting of fondant or dough. Pre-marked circles for exact sizing. Square grid helps you cut precise strips. Non-stick surface for easy release. 1. Sprinkle Rolling Pin and Roll & Cut Mat with confectioner's sugar. 2. Place fondant on the mat. Roll about 1/8 to 1/4 in. thick. 3. Cut pieces with Cutter/Embosser or Cut-Outs™ Size: app. 60 x 60 cm.


Thermo Choc, from the EasyChoc range, is a silicon mould complete with thermometer for the monitoring of the temperature (0°C/30°F to 160°C/320°F) of melted chocolate, cream, sauces, jams, syrups and italian meringues. Dimensions: 295 x 55 mm

Model: MAR-PMOCU003

size: 55 x 55 h80 mm

in plastic

175 ml.

to use for icecream, desserts and starters


Microperforated silicone mats with fiberglass core perfect for baking éclairs, cookies, cream puffs, petits-fours, bread and pizza. Thanks to the holes heat spreads evenly throughout mats’ surface guaranteeing a perfect baking both on the top and at the basis of the preparations. Microperforated silicone mats can be also used as supports when freezing; they are non-slip and non-stick.;
Size: 300 x 400 mm

Model: Minan-710124

is in stainless steel.

2,5 l.

Model: MINAN-760045A

Fits all tips and couplers. Just use, then toss!