Model: MINCS

30 cm. i dia.

med låsefunktion, så pladen ikke kun kan dreje rundt.

drejeskiven har en højde på ca. 8 cm.

et uundværligt værktøj til kagedekoration.

Model: 399-801

Heavy-duty hollow plastic provides strong sanitary support for all tiered cakes. Cut with serrated knife to desired length. Length: 32 cm. Diameter 1,9 cm.

Model: MINAN-760045A

Fits all tips and couplers. Just use, then toss!

Model: 418-1006

Use large coupler with large decorating tips and 35 to 45 cm. Featherweight Bags.

Model: 73.435.99.0001

Steel spatulas, perfect to cover with cream, chocolate or royal icing your cakes.
20 cm

Model: 99.401.99.0002

Set 100 beech wood sticks Size:72 x 8 h 2 mm

Model: GHI-3531

Flexible Plastic

Length: 14cm and 11cm scrapers

Made of flexible plastic to decorate and rub-off. To complete the cake finishing with cream, whipped cream, meringue. Also useful to amalgamate the cake in the tins and to collect excess of creamy preparations from bowls or pots. Designed by The Master Chef Iginio Massari

Model: PAT-P03656

The French bread knife from Patisse is especially designed to easily slice and cut open French baguettes. With the knife you can make notches on the unbaked bread. During baking, the bread opens at the notch. This prevents the bread from tearing during baking. The knife comes with special safety shield for blade when not in use.


  • Special French design knife edge is made of 0.40-0.60mm steel gauge and has a durable synthetic handle.
  • Comes with a special safety shield for knife blade when not in use, for safe and easy storage.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Size: 13 cm.
Model: SW6005

Can be used for baking, icecream and more


Model: SK-7331

685 ml. for baking, icecream and more

Model: GAD-301048

minus 50 and up to 300 degrees

Model: 1907-9704

From Wilton. Thick and thin squares are the ideal soft surface for shaping flowers, leaves and other fondant or gum paste cutouts. Use the thin square for thinning petal edges with a ball tool, carving vein lines on leaves and making ruffled fondant strips. Use the thick square for cupping flower centers. Size: Thin: 10 x 10 x 0,25 cm. Thick: 10 x 10 x 2,5 cm.

Model: 1907-1210

From Wilton. Its extra-wide, smooth design is perfect for covering cakes with rolled fondant. The non-stick surface makes handling large pieces of fondant easy—just dust the surface with a little bit of cornflour cornstarch and roll out fondant to the size you need, then use the Wide Glide Rolling Pin to lift the fondant from your work surface to the cake. 50 x 3,75 cm. diameter.

Model: 22.341.87.0065

The kit contains a 4-cavity mold so that 4 delicious ice creams can be made at once, 50 ice cream sticks and a recipe booklet

Size: 38 x 18 mm

Volume: 37 ml.