Model: GHI-3503

A stainless steel Spatula equipped with a flexible blade and ergonomic handle for a safe and precise grip. Improving precision in filling creams, finishing tarts, roller-shaping and meringue spreading. Designed by The Master Chef Iginio Massari.

Model: GHI-3528

The culinary torch is used in confectionery to caramelize the sugar of the crème brûlée, but it is also perfect for caramelising meringue cakes, polishing the chocolate glaze and melting the sugar on the fruit. Like every gas torch, it has an adjustment knob, a filling knob, a trigger to operate it and an air adjustment ring.


  • contains 15 ml Butane gas.
  • Dimensions. 32 x 132 x 100 mm.
  • Operating Temperature. 1300°C.
  • Duration. 30-40 minutes approximately.
Model: GAD-311136


Model: GAD-510057

1/4 teske

1/2 teske

1 teske

1 spiseske

Model: GAD-404721

kan stilles op til 60 min.

Model: GAD-406375

fra Westmark

Model: LT-NMB25-1

Soft head.

Rubber, wooden handle.

- 50°C ~ + 65°C


Model: LT-800710

The Gobel Stainless Steel Removable Log Mould:

It is Hygienic and made of full stainless steel for cleaning control.

It is practical and easy use.

It has multiple use: Can be use for salty and sweet recipes.

L.30 x w9,7. x h10,4 cm

Model: LT-N3029

This stainless steel food masher allows you to reduce all your vegetables to a mash.

It can be used on carrots, pumpkins, potatoes and more.

Ø9,6 X 23cm.

Model: LT-N3086

With this La Bonne Graine magic spoon you will Say goodbye to lumps!

The spring helps to produce smooth and even sauces.

It is ideal for sauces, mayonnaise, vinaigrettes, omelettes and scrambled eggs.

L.20 x w.4cm

Model: LT-N4183M

This La Bonne Graine egg cutter it is a convenient tool tha cut Ø: 3,5 cm.

It is the ultimate tool to quickly and accurately remove the top of raw or soft-boiled eggs.

Easy to use, place the ring over the egg, lift the stainless steel ball and drop, then simply remove the cracked shell.

Diameter: 3.5cm

Length: 15.5cm

Model: LT-PAP1.

This La Bone Graine fishbone tong will help you to easy remove fishbones carefully and quickly.

You will be able to remove even the fine fish bones.

Easy to use and dishwasher safe.

Stainless Steel


Model: LT-N4102

This Semi Professional Orange juicer is made of Aluminium, chromed steel and St/st.

It is ideal to squeeze citric fruits.

Height with the handle in the upright position: 46.5 cm.

L.38 x w.15 x h.18,5 cm

Model: LT-UMM01


L.6 x w.6 x h.2 cm