Model: CE-300300
Ingredients: Green peppercorns, water, salt
Model: Wer-066
Ingredients: cornsyrup, water, melasse, corn protein, onion powder, garlic, spices, tamarind, natural flavour, acidity regulator: E330   Nutritional values per. 100 g. Energy 355/79 KJ/Kcal Fat 0,23 g Fat of which saturated 0,4 g Carbohydrate 18,76 g Carbohydrate of ...more
Model: kryd-351000
Model: MO-74402

Monin Passion Fruit Syrup brings striking flavor to a number of cocktails, mocktails, lemonades or desserts.

Model: Wer-47104

natural unrefined cane sugar

Model: CE-080303

drained Weights ca 150 g.

Model: nyb-604

Cherry syrup is a seductive taste experience to
the whole dessert universe.
Delicious for ice cream and pancakes, in smoothies and drinks, in dressings
and on yogurt.

producet at Nybro fruit and with danish cherries

Model: inc-217167

maraschino Cherry with stem, 390 g/200 g. good at desserts, chocolates and drinks

Model: MO-74414
Ingredients: sugar, water, concentrated cherry juice 4.8%, concentrated lemon juice, color: E163, natural aroma * corresponds to 29% cherry juice in the final product.   Nutritional values per. 100 g. Energy 1463/350 KJ/Kcal Fat 0 g Fat of which saturated 0 g Carbohydrate ...more
Model: Wer-200

Yuzu er en citrus frugt, som smager af en blanding af citron, mandarin og grapefrugt.

Velegnet til fiskeretter, skaldyr, marinader, dressing, i hjemmelavet is, sorbet og til mousse kager


Model: Wer-47103

natural unrefined cane sugar

Model: Wer-237

Great on the grill

Chef Poul Prudhomme

Model: spk-339

Smoked Saltet Almonds 100 g.

Model: MO-74451

Meaning caramelized sugar, caramel is made by melting sugar in water to create a rich, sweet, glutinous liquid which ranges in colour from beige to amber to dark brown. Used as a single flavour in the form of a sweet or in puddings, desserts, cakes and biscuits, caramel also combines well with other flavours such as fruits. A must-stock, MONIN Caramel syrup is one of the most popular and versatile flavours in the MONIN range. This golden amber coloured syrup can be used to create sweet coffees, teas and chocolates, comforting dessert cocktails, vodka shots or simply drizzled over ice cream.