Model/varenr.: 417-1199

Easily transfers buttercream flowers from nail to cake without damage. Angled design keeps your hands from touching the cake. Detachable blades for easy cleaning.

Model/varenr.: 418-1987

Bruges til at koble små Wilton tyller fast til sprøjteposen. Tyllen kan dermed skiftes undervejs.

Model/varenr.: 43.615.99.0001

Bruges direkte i sprøjteposer

størrelse 25 mm.

Model/varenr.: 418-1006

bruges til at skrue store Wilton tyller på sprøjteposen. tyl kan så skiftes undervejs.

Model/varenr.: SK-341

trekant tyl til at sprøjte med kransekage

Model/varenr.: 405-8784

Always have a wide selection of decorating tips readily available with the Wilton Tip Organizer. Holds 55 standard-sized tips and allows for nesting of up to three tips. (Tips sold separately.) Separate compartment holds couplers, flower nails and oversized tips. The storage tray nests on its lid to maximize space and is angled for easy viewing. Stacks conveniently with Icing Color Organizer (sold separately).

Model/varenr.: 411-1992

med denne tyl holder, kan man lave 3 farvet Swirl som topping på Cupcakes. bla. tyl 1M, 1A og 4B passer til tyl holderen engangssprøjteposer kan med fordel bruges. tyller og sprøjteposer sælges seperat

Model/varenr.: 43.467.99.0096

til at lave blomster på med sprøjte glasur


Ø40 mm

Model/varenr.: 43.616.99.0001
Model/varenr.: 417-173

12 stk. kan vaskes og bruges igen.

Model/varenr.: 403-9444

Blomstersæt, 8 dele

Til at lave royal icing blomster, i størrelse 1, 3, 4, 6 cm i diameter.

Model/varenr.: 414-1012
Essential tool collection includes a decorating bag cutter to easily and precisely cut decorating bags, and two sizes of brushes to make cleaning decorating tips quick and easy. Bag cutter cuts bags with a quick turn. Use with Twist Quick Coupler. To use cutter: Insert inner coupler in bag. Slide on cutter with arrow pointing toward coupler. Squeeze side tabs, twist and cut! Use and Care: Before first and after each use, hand wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
Model/varenr.: 417-107

A great selection of sizes for creating virtually any size nail flower! Includes a cupcake nail, with a recessed platform for finishing a standard cupcake with a perfectly-swirled top. Hand-held nails provide the perfect turntable for close-up decorating - just turn as you pipe. Includes 1.5, 2, 2.5 in. Flower Nails and 2.25 x 2.5 in. Cupcake Nail. Stems insert easily in nails to create a secure platform. Top rack dishwasher safe

Model/varenr.: 2104-7554

Lær inspirerede teknikker ved hjælp af  denne Guide bog med foto og illustrationer.

Find inspiration til udsmykning, lær nye teknikker, få tips og nye måder at bruge: runde, basketweave, flæse, kronblad og åbne stjerne udsmyknings tyller.

Bogen er med laminerede sidder og nemt at bladre i.

Sættet includerer to speciale udsmyknings tyller 106 og 2F

Model/varenr.: 43.443.99.0001

Piping tip to create amazing decorations that will be perfect on the classic French “Religeuses” and other preparations as well!