Model/varenr.: TM-LSMOKE

"Liquid Smoke" - Flydende røgaroma, til at give en forstærket røg/trækulsgrill-smag, på alle slags råvarer. Kan bruges i marinader, sauce, grøntsager, direkte på kød før stegning! 147 ml.

Model/varenr.: SK-2185

velegnet til konfekt, kagecremé og desserter.

kan bl.a. blandes med flødeskum og bruges til fyld i lagkager.

Model/varenr.: SW6000

Bitter mandler kan anvendes i små mængder som smagforstærker ( FVST )

I bitre mandler findes et naturligt giftstof ( blåsyre )

( Stoffet giver akutte forgiftninger ved et stort indtag)

Ingredienser: Bitre Mandler.

Kan indeholde spor af nødder.

Eventuelle allergener markeret med fed skrift.

Model/varenr.: MO-74402
Model/varenr.: MO-74400
Model/varenr.: SK-2187

drænet vægt 283 g.

Model/varenr.: MO-74451

Meaning caramelized sugar, caramel is made by melting sugar in water to create a rich, sweet, glutinous liquid which ranges in colour from beige to amber to dark brown. Used as a single flavour in the form of a sweet or in puddings, desserts, cakes and biscuits, caramel also combines well with other flavours such as fruits. A must-stock, MONIN Caramel syrup is one of the most popular and versatile flavours in the MONIN range. This golden amber coloured syrup can be used to create sweet coffees, teas and chocolates, comforting dessert cocktails, vodka shots or simply drizzled over ice cream.

Model/varenr.: chi-1004

engelsk marmelade perfekt til toast og franskbrød

Model/varenr.: SK-375

Røget chili i lage

Model/varenr.: MO-74408

The nut from the coconut palm tree, the coconut is native to more than 80 tropical and sub-tropical countries such as Indonesia, India and Thailand, where it is considered indispensable. In fact, in several different languages the name for the coconut palm means that all parts of the tree are useful in some way. An extremely versatile flavour, its intense, sweet flavour goes well with sweet, bitter and salty flavours. As well as having many culinary uses, coconut is used in beauty products because coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser. Enjoy a taste of the tropics by adding MONIN Coconut syrup to cocktails, coffees, smoothies and fruit punches and drift away to the shade of a coconut palm…

Model/varenr.: MO-74454

One of Olivier Monin’s personal favourites, MONIN Macadamia syrup was created to fulfil the demand for a roasted buttery nut flavour. Originating from Australia, the macadamia nut is named after the scientist Dr John McAdam, who first described it, but it is also known as the ‘Queensland nut’, ‘bush nut’ and ‘Queen of nuts’, among others. Of course, the Aboriginals had already discovered the fine taste of the macadamia thousands of years before Europeans settled there. Considered by some as ‘the nut lover’s nut’, macadamias are used in puddings, cakes and biscuits as well as savoury dishes. They go particularly well with white chocolate. Try mixing MONIN Macadamia syrup with MONIN Chocolate sauce to create an indulgent nutty chocolate latte.

Model/varenr.: SK-310

Sødet Kondenseret mælk

Model/varenr.: SK-316

Maraschino Kirsebær m. stilk, 500 g./280 g. Gode til desserter, chokolade og drinks

Model/varenr.: MO-74453

MONIN Amaretto syrup is based on the classic Italian sweet, almond-flavoured liqueur. Characterised by the distinctive flavour of the ‘mandoria-amara’ or bitter almond, the name Amaretto means ‘a little bitter’ in Italian.

Model/varenr.: MO-74452

A classic cocktail flavour, MONIN Chocolate syrup delivers the comforting, luxurious taste of chocolate, enjoyed by civilisation for thousands of years. The origins of chocolate can be traced back over four thousand years ago to 1900 BC. Evidence exists of chocolate beverages, representing wisdom and fertility, being made from fermented, roasted and ground cacao beans in Central America. The Maya and Aztec civilisations held chocolate in high esteem, serving chocolate drinks at ceremonial occasions and using it as a kind of tax. Only more recently did Europeans add sugar, milk and cocoa butter to create the chocolate bars and sweets that we know today. Throughout history chocolate has been regarded as a luxury, lending itself well to cocktails and speciality hot drinks. Revisit classic cocktails with MONIN Chocolate syrup and create indulgent chocolate martinis and negronis, as well as soothing hot drinks.