Model: SK3019

Malto er et produkt, der er udvundet af tapioka og baseret på maltodextrin (kulhydrat). Det anvendes som fyldemiddel, men kan også absorbere olier. Fremtræder som et meget fint pulver. God kold og varm opløselighed. Når det blandes med olie, bliver det et pulver, der kan bearbejdes og som opløses i vandholdigt medium.

Model: CO-10510-40

500g. Agar is extracted from red algae or seaweed and is used as a gelling agent. Can be used where you do not want animal-produced thickener. Also available for gel spaghetti. Can maintain shape up to 80 degrees

Model: CO-10508-40

Made from the bacterium Sphingomonas elodea. Gellan makes a solid gel which can be cut even at 90 degrees.

Fine powder. Lose its effect on contact with saline solutions.

Model: CO-10514-50

Extracted from algae. Has an ability to gel with calcium. If you dissolve Algin in a liquid and immerse it in Calcic, a thin gelatin is formed around the liquid. These are called spheres or spheres. Can also be used for fake caviar.

Model: spk-7897

50g x 0.01g Capacity;

Tare and Zero Functions;

Batteries Included;

Auto Off feature; 

Easy to Read 6 Digit LCD Display;

Measure: Grams, Carats, and Grains;

Advanced Parts Counting Function.


Model: CO-10515-50

Calcium salt in high concentration and easily soluble. Used with Algin when making spherification.

Model: CO-10503-50

Sodium citrate. Extracted from citrus fruits and commonly used in the food industry to prevent the oxidation of vegetables and fruits.

It has an ability to reduce acid in the food and is needed to make spheres of high acidity.

Dissolves easily and reacts quickly.

Model: CO-10533

Trisol is particularly suitable for pulping and temp drawing.
Dose: For temp drawing, add approx. 10-20% Trisol relative to flour
May contain traces of gluten.

Model: CO-10502-40

A natural soybean lecithin-based fabric that makes it possible to make foam of juice or other water-like agents.

Dissolves in cold liquid and whisk up. Also, emulsifies impossible sauces.

Model: CO-10507-50

Xantana is extracted from a fermentation of cereal starch with a bacterium (Xanthomonas campestris) found in cabbage. The result is a rubber with amazing thickening capabilities. It also has a remarkable potential as a "retainer", which means that it can retain an item at a given level in a liquid without sinking. It can also retain carbon dioxide.

Powdered. Soluble cold and hot. It can thicken alcohol. It is extremely resistant to freezing and thawing. Although it gets heated, it does not lose its thickening effect. Shake slowly and let it stand by itself and absorb liquid.

Procedure: Dissolve in aqueous medium 1-4 g / L with a rod blender.
Both cold and hot soluble. High thickening suspension capability.
Limited use in food. Maximum dose. in certain foods: 10 g / kg.

Model: CO-10508

Made from the bacterium Sphingomonas elodea. Gellan makes a solid gel which can be cut even at 90 degrees.

Fine powder. Lose its effect on contact with saline solutions.

Model: SPK-1659

Suitable for ice cream, cakes, confectionery


Model: CO-10501-50

Gluco is calcium gluconolactate, which is a mixture of calcium gluconate and calcium lactate. It allows you to add Calcium without the food taking taste and is therefore perfect for the technique of inverse spherification.

Powdered. Dissolves in cold liquid. Add Gluco before other powder product to give the best solution. There are no problems in dissolving in acidic, alcoholic or fatty substances.

Model: CO-10525

Manitol has a low hygroscopicity, is non-moisturizing and can withstand a temperature of up to 400 ° C without tasting burnt. It has a low sweetening power (50-60%) relative to sucrose.