Andert-Wein Blauer Zweigelt 2018, 750 ml.


The brothers' more classic style with lots of fruitiness. A good match for roast with root vegetables and berries.

The Andert-brothers Erich and Michael turned to biodynamics over 10 years ago, when Michael noticed, how his kids reacted to pesticides that were used on the field.

Since then they havent looked back, the fields are noticeably more healthy og the wines are step by step moving to a whole nother league.

Today the strongest pesticide sprayed on the 4 ½ hectar of field is made of the silicon rich horsetail .

The backbone of the wines are often Ruländer ( or Grauburgunder or Pinot Gris) for the white and Zweigelt for the red, but the brothers also know their stuff in making a phenomenal Muscat without the use of sulphur.

Contains sulphites.

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