Balsamico IGP 250 ml.


Our Baslamic Vinegar of Modena is produced by using only grape must from selected and certified grapes and Italian wine vinegar. It is patiently aged as tradition requires in oak barrels which give the product its sweet and rich flavour.

Only a few drops of this Balsamic vinegar are needed to enhance the flavour of any dish.

Ingredients: wine vinegar, cooked grape must, colour:E150d. Contains sulphites.

Nutritionalvalues per. 100 ml.

Energy 727 KJ/171 Kcal
Fat 0 g
Fat of which saturated 0 g
Carbohydrates 37 g
Carbohydrate of which sugars 37 g
Dietary fibers 0 g
Protein 1,0 g
Salt 0,05 g
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