Model: RU-ML6016LUX


you need, 1 bowl, 1 standard or electric mixer and 1 piping bag 

whip the whole bag of Flower cream (300 g.) together with 360 g of softened butter.


Gluten free
No preservatives
No palm oil
No hydrogenated fats

Model: RU-ML3058


You will need 1 bowl and a spatula

Mix 100 g of Royal icing mix with 12-14 ml of water in a bowl


No perservatives

No palm oil

No hydrogenated fats

No colours

Model: RU-ML6017

Recipe for frosting:

Pour 150 g icing mix into a bowl and add 100 ml water. Mix the ingredients together and leave for one hour. Beat 180 g of butter for about 2 minutes, in a bowl for itself. Then mix half of the icing mix into the butter and whip it completely so it gets completly absorbed. then add the rest of the icing mix, and whip for 5 minutes

Model: RU-ML6012


you need 1 bowl, 1 standart or electric mixer and 1 pastry bag.

whip 80 g of vanilla icing mix with 190 ml milk.


No preservatives

No added colours

Model: RU-ML3059
Ingredients: sugar, corn starch, Rice protein, flavorings, acidity regulator: E336; thickeners: E466, E413. May contain traces of  Milk, soybeans and nuts   Nutritional values per. 100 g. Energy 1492/351 KJ/Kcal Fat 0 g Fat of which saturated 0 g Carbohydrate 87 g C ...more
Model: SK-1603

One portion of buttercream can cover a 20 cm cake or 12 cupcakes


All ingredients must be at room temperature.
For one serving: Mix 125 ml of water with 125 g of buttercream in a bowl and whisk it. Leave to stand for one hour at room temperature. Beat 150 g of unsalted butter for about 5 minutes until it has a creamy consistency. Put a small portion of the output, the buttercream mixture into the butter cream and whip it to have been completely absorbed in the butter cream. When the whole buttercream mixture has been mixed with the butter cream, whip it for about 10 minutes.

Model: RU-ML1000550

CMC, Petal Powder (tylose) is used to harden fondant and marzipan and make it firmer for modeling purposes. 1 tsp. to 250 g. fondant. Let it rest for at least 20 min. before use.

Can also be mixed with water to glue: 1 spoon CMC and 30 spoons of water. Let it sit overnignt in the fridge.

Model: SPK-2010

produced in Denmark.

should be whipped 10 minutes on kitchen machine, white and ready to use.

for spreading or for cupcakes.

possibly mix a little pure icing in to use for buttercream flowers

product is without butter and long shelf life.

after opening, it can be frozen in smaller portions.

can be colored with our pasta colors and taste can be customized with our aroma or freeze dried berries

Model: 424078

White glaze mixed and used in silicone mats from various manufacturers