classes is including all materials.

There will be arround 30 minuts break in the day for lunch break.

there will be coffee and tee.

the classes is in english

Where the Passion Comes From

When I started in Sugarcraft cake shops were a little bit dusty, cake books were stuck in the Victorian Era and edible glitter had yet to make its appearance in every corner bakery. I have been a part of, and witness to, the most rapid change in Cake Baking and Decorating in the last several decades.

Synthesising new trends and techniques into commercially viable products is what motivates me. Whether it is through demonstrations at Cake Shows or advising small groups of highly motivated artisans the challenge is always different. Respecting existing traditions, my role is to help my clients adapt and seize opportunities in the new International environment. Baking will always be local, the techniques required are international.

Penelope d'Arcy Graham