Jewel - Red - Fire Red


From Rainbow Dust. Glitter colors used as decoration on for example butter cream, whipped icing, whipped cream and fondant. To get the colors stick to fondant you might slightly paint some glue at first, or you can mix the glitter colors in a little clear vanilla. The effect will disappear if the colors blend in, for example. icing or fondant. Gumglue: Gumtex / tylose mixed with water, about 1 part gumtex and 20 parts water. 5 g.

Model: SR136

From Rainbow DustGlitter colors used as decoration on for example butter cream, whipped icingwhipped cream and fondantTo get the colors stick to fondant you might slightly paint some glue at first, or you can mix the glitter colors in little clear vanilla.

The effect will disappear if the colors blend in, for exampleicing or fondant.

GumglueGumtex / tylose mixed with water, about 1 part gumtex and 20 parts water.

5 g.