Model: SW6009

Melt the chocolate at 40-50 degrees. Cool to approx. 34 degrees. Add the cocoa butter powder (10g per. kg.) Stir well. When the chocolate has reached the desired temperature (29-32 degrees) it is ready for use.

Model: SK3004

Fondantpulver bruges til fyld i bolsjer, chokolader, slik m.fl. 100g fondantpulver blandes med 16g koldt vand. Smag og slikfarve kan herefter tilsættes.

Model: 1904-1189

Fill your mold with no mess! Our convenient bottles now are available in three sizes, so you can use just the amount of Candy Melts® you need. Pour melted candy into the bottle, then squeeze out into molds or drizzle over treats.

Model: 1904-552

Push-button controls flow of candy. 12,5 x 10 cm., nylon.

Model: 1904-1166

Melt candy with ease, then fill your mold with no mess! Our convenient bottles now are available in three sizes, so you can melt just the amount of Candy Melts® you need. Melt candy right in the bottle, then squeeze out into molds. Great way to store and reheat leftover candy.

Model: 1904-1018
Extra-wide stainless steel design keeps treats stable even when tapping off candy after dipping. Large angled scoop dips and lifts many sizes of treats with ease.
Model: X-1904-8016

Great for drying fondant flowers. Microwave-melt up to 11 Candy Melts® colors at one time for less mess! Non-slip grip edge. Includes decorating brush.

Model: CO-20025

Kræmmerhuse i aluminium. velegnet til chokolade konfekt og kransekage konfekt

Model: 1904-1023
Minimize surface marks on dipped treats using angled tongs with micro-pad tips. Angled arms make dipping into candy easier.
Model: IBI-706600

Made of wax-laminated paper on foil. 2,5 cm. diameter.

Model: X-2117-100

8 cavities, 1 design Create elegant candy gift boxes and party trays. For luscious filled candies, our well-defined molds help you turn out perfect candy every time.

Model: 2115-2102

Finish your signature desserts with flair- top it with dramatic candy shapes using this exciting mold. Swirls, scrolls, zigzags, triangles and leaves add 5-star style to your dessert creations. 5 designs, 10 cavities

Model: 2115-1035

2-piece mold with 1 design, 3 cavities.

Model: 2115-1738

1 design, 10 cavities.

Model: 2115-1561

5 designs, 11 cavities Fun shapes and greater detail make Wilton Candy Molds the world’s favorite way to create candy. Molding and coloring couldn’t be easier with Wilton Candy Melts®. Look for terrific design ideas and molding instructions on the package!