Model: LUB-009604

Marzipan containing 52% spanish almonds

Model: SPK-4011000

big, beautiful and tasteful yellow raisins from Chile.

Suitable for cakes, baking, confectionery, etc.

Model: SK-1630

Packed pickled pomeranian in half shells, 125 g.

can also be purchased in bulk at the store.

Used in many Christmas cakes.


Model: SK-1631

Packed Sukat, candied 125 g.

can also be purchased in bulk at the store.

Used in many Christmas cakes.

Model: sug-Z1100

This pack of 10, 10g pots of Sugarflair food
colouring pastes are perfect for colouring sugar
paste, buttercream, royal icing, cake mix etc.
Set includes : Liquorice, Daffodil, Sky Blue,
Spring Green, White, Woodland Brown,
Lavender, Orange, Flamingo Pink and Scarlet.
All colours are strong and will deepen on drying.

Model: SPK-8000
Ingredients: Currants, vegetable oil (sunflower)   Nutritional values per. 100 g. Energy 1337/315 KJ/Kcal Fat 1,3 g Fat of which saturated 0,1 g Carbohydrate 67 g Carbohydrate of which sugars 67 g Protein 4,1 g Salt 0,2 g
Model: CO-10891

can be used as decorations and in xmas cakes

Model: SK-1635

Candied orange strips - perfect for the christmas candy.

Model: 415-206

It couldn’t be easier to dress up a cupcake! Wilton Baking Cups are ideal for holding candy and nuts, too. Wax laminated paper on foil. 5 cm. in diameter

Model: sug-A114

From Sugarflair in UK.

Concentrated color can be added or kneaded into fondant, sugarpaste, marzipan, buttercream, royal icing, modelling paste, gum paste/flower paste, candy, ice, macarons and much more.

all colors from Sugarflair is nuts free, gluten free, GM free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Model: SK-409

enough for 3 bottles of redwine

Model: SPK-1054-15

genuine French rose petals that have been candied. suitable for decorating cakes and confectionery.

Model: selle-3

Cherry sauce - unparalleled taste for rice. Selleberg's Cherry sauce is unique because it is made from Sweet Cherry, which gives a totally different taste experience, with a nice texture in the large berries. The cherry sauce is prepared with a freshly ground polynesian vanilla bar and a little cinnamon, both of which are two good spices for Christmas time.

Model: 1912-4279

15 styk poser med clips.

Mål ca. 15 x 22 cm.