Model: 99.400.99.0002

Set 100 beech wood sticks Size:114 x 9,8 h 2,1 mm

Model: 22.350.87.0065

Vintage by Silikomart will bring back some memories for you like the warm sunny days. Treat yourself with a sweet and refreshing popsicle that brings out the child in all of us at every bite. Thanks to Vintage by Silikomart you can create delicious popsicles, ice-creams and snacks with your favorite ingredients. The kit contains: 1 silicone mould and 50 mini sticks.
Size:37 x 70 h 18 mm
Volume:37 x 4 Tot. 148 ml

Model: 99.517.99.0001

Transparent – Rapid cooling for chocolate and sugar

Shake well before use.

Model: DRE-12608

is great for stuffing in your favorite cake.

there are approx enough for. 2 layers in a 20 cm. round cake (3 layers of cake base and 2 layers of filling)

is also good for topping on cupcakes, or for filling and decorating on number cakes.

can be sprayed with tulle and keeps in shape.

in cakes the filling settles quickly.

100 g. Fromage powder

125 ml. water

5 DL. cream.

whip the cream into whipped cream. fromage powder is stirred into the water and inverted in the whipped cream and then ready for use.

Model: SPKV-3312104-600

Wheat loaf can be used for many different types of bread. Improve bread flavor and durability. Provides stable and greaseproof curvature. Add 1-4% of the flour.

Model: SPKV-9024004-600

Used to acid rye bread with. Gives a good cut firm curved and sour rounded bread flavor. Add 3-6% of the flour. The more rye flour and kernels the higher the dose of rye bread sourdough 

Model: SK4006

used for baking, also Macarons

Model: Wer-51601-15
Ingredients: Glucose syrup, pinapple(36%), thickener: sodium alginate (E401) May contain trace amounts of milk and derivatives
Model: Wer-51607-15
Ingredients: Glucose syrup, cherry pulp (40%), thickener: modified potato starch (E1414), sodium alginate (E401) May contain trace amounts of milk and derivatives
Model: Wer-47103

natural unrefined cane sugar

Model: Wer-47111
Ingredients: cane sugar Nutritional values per. 100 g. Energy 1700/400 KJ/Kcal Fat 0 g Fat of which saturated 0 g Carbohydrate 100 g Carbohydrate of which sugars 100 g Protein 0 g Salt 0 g
Model: MAR-PMOCU002

size: 5 x 5 h70 mm

in plastic

120 ml.

to use for icecream, desserts and starters

Model: Wer-70807
Ingredients: Thickener: amidated pectin (E440ii), stabiliser: disodium diphosphate: E450i, dextrose, acid: tricalcium phosphate (E341iii)