Model: 30.422.87.0065

Size: 182x173 h68mm
Volume: 1200ml

An intense wire weave makes Lovely1200 a unique mould to create a romantic frozen or baked dessert with a volume of 1200 ml. You will find a plastic cutter included to help you create original inserts and bases that perfectly fit the shape of thr mould, in order to create desserts that will conquer both eye and palate.

Model: 28.338.13.0065

264mm x 298mm x h50mm, Ø220mm

Vol. Total: 1500ml
Vol. Cavity: 1500ml


The perfection of a drop will highlight your creations. Goutte55 by Silikomart Professional is the silicone mould made up of 8 cavities by 55 ml each, it will give a touch of elegance to your sweet and savoury preparations. The ideal shape and the perfect volume for a plate dessert, a decoration or an insert. A simple and innovative way to create desserts and decorations with a hypnotic effect.
Size: 54 x 54 h 41 mm
Volume: 54 ml x8 Tot. 432 ml