Model: 307-0838

Decorating every inch of your cake just got easier with this adjustable turntable. The taller 5-inch setting is great for borders and side details, while the lower 3.45-inch setting is the perfect height for decorating the top. A non-slip base and soft-grip ring make sure your cake doesn't budge while you decorate. The legs lock securely in place for decorating and fold under for easy storage.

  • Turntable adjusts to 2 different heights to facilitate decorating
  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • 12.75 dia. (32.3 cm); 3.45 or 5 in. (8.76 or 12.7 cm) adjustable height
  • Before first and after each use, wipe with a clean, damp soft cloth; dry thoroughly
Model: 2104-1508

Authentic parchment paper is the professional’s choice for convenience and quick bag preparation. Make use-and-toss decorating bags ideal for small amounts of icing or brush striping. Excellent wet strength for candy or a variety of icings. Also great for smoothing iced cakes and transferring patterns.

Model: 1907-1205

From Wilton. Roll out fondant evenly, at the perfect thickness for easy cutting and shaping, with this non-stick roller. Roll to the perfect 1/8 in. height used for cutting many fondant decorations, using the slide-on guide rings. This rolling pin is easy to handle—just the right size for preparing small amounts of fondant to place on your cake. We recommend to use a little bit of cornflour cornstarch and roll & cut mat. 22,5 x 2,5 cm. diameter Are you going to roll out a larger amount of fondant we recommend 'Wide Glide™ Rolling Pin (1907-1210)

Model: 415-800

This feature-packed leveler makes it easier than ever to create perfectly straight cake tops and layers. The ULTIMATE Cake Leveler does it all—safe, precise cutting, easy height adjustment and convenient storage! * Twist-lock feet raise and lower blade with ease. * Precision stainless steel blade for effortless cutting with fewer crumbs. * Sliding sleeve locks handle securely. * Ergonomic handle gives you more control when cutting. * Blade has eight height positions for cutting delicate torted cakes and slicing off the cake crowns to make the top of your cake level.

Model: 404-5184

The best quality bags for decorating, with strong resilient seams to help them last for years! Featherweight bags feel soft and comfortable in the hand—the polyester material becomes softer the more the bags are used. Lightweight, strong and flexible, they’ll never get stiff. Coated to prevent grease from seeping through. Each batch is tested in the Wilton Test Kitchen to meet our exacting standards. Dishwasher safe. Instructions included; sold singly.

Model: 2104-1358

Wilton’s strict testing standards ensure the highest quality disposable bags you can buy. Our proprietary blend of materials helps Wilton bags feel more comfortable and outperform competitive bags. They can be used with or without a coupler and work great for microwave-melting and piping of Candy Melts. Fits standard tips and couplers. Just use, then toss! Instructions included.

Model: IBI-728502

An essential ingredient when blind baking. The ceramic beans conduct heat evenly so that, when placed in the base of a pastry case, they prevent the pastry shrinking in from the sides. They also ensure air bubbles do not appear in the base. contents 250g

Model: 2104-0240

The ultimate decorating tip set includes 55 decorating tips, standard couplers and flower nails. Includes Decorate Smart® Tip Organizer. Round tips: #1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7,#8,#10,#12,#2A Multi-Opening Decorating tips : #233 Open Star Decorating tips: #14,#16,#18,#21,#23,#363,#199,#4B Closed Star Decorating tips : #27,#30,#54 Petal tips : #59s,#101,#102,#103,#104,#125,#150, Basketweave Decorating tips : #44,#47,#2B Leaf Decorating tips : #349,#352,#366,#66,#67,#68,#74,#70,#81,#83,#105 Drop Flower Decorating tips : #107,#109,#129,#131,#224,#2D Ruffle Decorationg tips: #86,#100,#340,#353,#402

Model: IBI-802000

12 cm.

Model: IBI-784400

is 6,8 cm. in one end and the other is 4 cm. a must have in every kitchen!

Model: IBI-736900

1/1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/4 cup.

Model: IBI-793400

Compact and easy to use torch 
Can be refilled with lighter gas.

Model: IBI-704220

Can be used to sift almond flour, and other dry ingredients into cake dough

Model: IBI-761000

8,5 cm.

Model: SK-7331

685 ml. for baking, icecream and more