sugarflair airbrush color set, 8 x 14 ml. without alcohol


We are excited to introduce our NEW Sugarflair Airbrush Mixed colour sets with the stamp of Sugarflair quality.

14ml Mixed Airbrush Sets


Colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Silver, Gold, White, Black

is without alcohol


Black: Water, Preservative: E202, Humectant: E1520, colour: E124, E133, E102.

Blue: Water, Preservative: E202, Humectant: E1520, colour: E133, E122.

Red: Water, Preservative: E202, Humectant: E1520, colour: E124E104.

Green: Water, Preservative: E202, Humectant: E1520, colour: E155, E133, E102

Yellow: Water, Preservative: E202, Humectant: E1520, colour: E102

White: Water, Preservative: E202, Humectant: E1520, colour: E171

Gold: Water, Preservative: E202, Humectant: E1520, Anti-clarking agent E555 colour: E171, E172

Silver: Water, Preservative: E202, Humectant: E1520, Anti-clarking agent E555 colour: E171, E172

E102, E104, E122 and E124 may adversely affect children's activity and concentration.

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