Callebaut belgisk overtrækschokolade, 47,3% Ruby, 2,5 Kg.


Ruby chokolade fra Callebaut, er en rød chokolade naturligt fra cacaobønnen.

er som en hvid chokolade med mere frugtig smag.

Model/varenr.: CO-576856

The Callebaut Callets Ruby have a beautiful pink colour that makes them unique compared to other chocolate callets. The pink colour is caused by the cocoa bean, so there are no colourings added to this chocolate. The callets seduce your with their red pink colour and overwhelm you with their intense fruity taste of berries.

You can simply melt the callets to make beautiful creations such as chocolates. But off course you can also use them to decorate cakes, cupcakes and cookies. The Ruby callets suit exceptionally well with pink champagne, salted caramel and even savoury ingredients.