ISPIRAZIONI DI FRUTTA , æble, fersken og abrikos

Du sparer: 59,97

Volume: ialt 710 ml.

silikoneform: Ø 62 h 53 mm

The new trend is FRUITY! A series of silicone moulds to create juicy fruit-shaped creations with an original 3D effect. With ISPIRAZIONI DI FRUTTA you can recreate fresh, juicy and colorful apples, peaches and apricots with a single mould. The cavities of the Ispirazioni di Frutta mould from Silikomart's 3Design line are provided with a revolutionary internal border that gives a lightly rounded shape to the base of your preparations. Ispirazioni di Frutta ensures flawless results not only in semifreddo version, but also with baked creations. Size:Ø 62 h 53 mm
Vol.: 710 ml

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